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Saturday, February 28, 2009

The spread I made for my friend Caryl!

This was the tag I made for her to go along with the spread. The tag actually came from a pair of natalists jeans I bought some time ago. I thought it went perfect for "N" for nest! I used many artchix inchie images and a transparency from Artchix too.

I designed the little birdie one so thought it would be cute to use it!

I love my Artchix inchies!

Caryl is really the queen of collage so the statement rings true! I always love her art! I made these two pages for my friend.Her theme was birds with subdued kind of colors. I loved this crown broach I found at an antique store it went well with the rusty birds! That is a boy Robin and his wife the queen! Just like Caryl and Craig! LOL!!!

Hope Caryl enjoys it!

Walk into my studio with me!

OK I am not finished but at least I can walk through my studio now without breaking a bone or destroying valuable art meterials!
I bought a clothes rack for my canvases that are unfinished, as you can see my pressed flower mural is drapped across it!

Then I purchased a few more totes of the plastic variety for holiday embellishments and collage pretties!
Still too much on my floors though. I need a few more shelves, one behind the large display rack
The other would be beside it, that would make a world of difference, if I can talk hubby into building them. I am also keeping my eyes out for a few sewing tables on caster wheels. I want white ,and nice storage spaces underneath them too. So maybe two more tables with extended but fold down table tops and shelves under.

I got this neat antique set of draws for a pretty good price and I just love them,people actually give me compliments on it too!

I used black and white for this shot as it appears less messy that way! hehehe

Here you see my work space in prep for a turquoise spread I am about to create! Then I'll actually be caught up. Although I am signed up for a postcard swap and I absolutely want to play in Helgas True color twinchie swap as well! I better get busy eh?
I even organized my table with my machines here. One of them is my new embellishment machine which I used once and loved, by Babylock!

This is a cabinet my DH made me for some of my fabrics No longer holds them all so had to clean off my book shelf and throw away old magazines to make room for fabrics and more real art books.
This is one of my skylites you see it is collage with all my Artchix stickers and some of my pretty Collage bit postcards too! Very inspirational for me when I sit at my work space. Eventually I want to paint this entire wall with this magnatized paint I already bought. Then I plan on using it for an inspiration wall, being that my studio is over the garage I have some limitations. Slanted s really limit the shelf space allowed. So I must figure out new ways to utilized everything I do have completely and in a more artistic fashion too! I want to take my little atc's and put magnets on the back and hang em all over my magnitized inspiration wall! It's exciting for me to see it all evolve!

Here is another view of my work space and some tiny draws I have stuffed full of fun embellishments! I also love and utilize my Ott Lights often! I actually could also use two more inverted ceiling lights which dh has agreed to install one day.

Here you see my one exit, wish I had one to the exterior wall too but noone saw the need like I did while we were building ten years ago!

Here is a neat wall of shelves my dh built for me, also a new turnstyle holder for my books and magazines. I also stuffed it full of bits for collaging by color choice. That took me hours but now everything is easy axis and ready for twinchie making! No longer strewn about in sepreate boxes everywhere being made useless. Organizing things by color was even a bit relaxing seeing all the stuff I actually have. Still need to organize all my magazine clippings but that will take me like what a month all by itself!

Here's my new Janome not yet used I got for Christmas. The table was extra but it was such an expensive additiion I wanted it to have it own! For preservation purposes! Also easy access and I am so excited to use it! Soon very soon!

Another view of my baskets hanging from the ceiling the other side anyways!

Aren't they pretty all in a row, I am so grateful for my dh doing this for me!

Here is the beautiful job DH did on hanging these gutters so my ribbons would be easily accessable. I love it, and I even double stacked. I read about this somewhere and it fit my studio so well with the slanted wall what better way for a bird like me to hand her huge ribbon collection?

So now I am off to art! Glad you could all jon me. If you have any other suggestions please do tell them to me. I am always looking for a better way!

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