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Saturday, March 14, 2009

My pages for Betsy and some Disney influence!

This is the tag that goes to the mermaid pages, I even made her a neat pendant. I saw the piece and couldn't resist it. They have so many neat jewellry pieces out there now at Joanns and Micheals.
All or almost all of these pieces ioncluding the tag is covered with a sheer fabric. I found when using my new Janome that when I wanted to use the lettering it ate the paper unless I had the sheer fabric ontop of or under the paper. Only the lettering gave me this trouble oh and the very edges of the paper too! So guess I will need to but some more sheere fabric. I got this neat piece of turquoise as a cheap remnant. It was fun using my new sewing machine for the fancy stitches and the new embellisher for the base of the felted pieces! I hand felted the sculptured parts like the faces of the mermaids and their boobies too! I loved how the boobies came out! I have ArtChix pieces of transparencies in there too! Many many layers of fun!

I made these pages for my new friend Betsy! She just happened to love the Little Mermaid too! Her theme was the color Turquoise and she liked bright things. So this just came to me naturally. Note the two rusty fish too! In the last page they find each other so it's really all about lOVE!

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