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Friday, March 20, 2009

Please pray for my son Seth!

Seth was arm wrestling a girl in school last Friday the 13th and his arm popped and snapped. Went to the ER and it turns out to be broken. On top of that he has a huge bone cyst on top of his humerous, which they don't know the cause of, but is the reason the arm fractured. They cannot cast this particular area of the arm as it sits to high up so all he gets is a sling and a lot of special attention and pain. Apparently the cyst burst which sent blood and filler throughout this area and caused the bone to be brittle in that area thus the popping sound when it also broke.
This type of bone cyst is very rarely cancer but until a mother knows for certain she will worry. So please pray for my oldest boy. Who is by the way now not able to take driviers ed or drive or get a job when his Birthday comes on the end of this month.
Seth will be having a byopsy on the cyst as soon as the break heals enough to make it safe to go in there. Then they will also try to obliterate the cyst with probably cortisone shots while he is under sedation. Again please pray he heals well and that this is all a fleeting memory soon,thanks Sanna( a concerned mama)

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