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Monday, March 23, 2009

Another Fabric Postcard

This card should have been better if I had known what I was doing! I messed up the first set of sewn on words so I had to paint over them and try again! Eventually I will figure out my new sewing machine but until then kay sa rah sa rah!
In case you are wondering what this card says here are the words: "
She sell seashells by the seashore,
She sells pretty shells doesn't she!!!"
It's made with acrylic paint on canvas and then embroidered machine stitched words done in a crazy rectangle shape so you have to turn the card to read it. Even then I'm sorry with some difficulty I'm afraid! Live and learn, and I wanted it to be so special too. See I have the sweetest friend her name is Bev! Once she sent me this shell and I always wanted to send her a painting of it for being so kind. Hope she likes it anyways! Thanks Bev, and rememeber tis the thought that counts! Hugs, Sanna

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