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Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter was great!

Ok so here's a picture of the outside hunt at mom's place! I couldn't seem to manage a frontal picture of my little Nephew he moves too fast! hehehe

You can see above a pic of my bro filming the kiddos finding all their eggies! It was a bit chilly outside though!

This is my mom's doggie her name is Sybill , isn't she just adorable? We had fun dressing her with these bunny slippers and watching her freak out trying to get them off her toesies! I was cracking up so much and we got her on film too! I took the slippers home because I know my mums would a gotten rid of em had I not. Gonna do it again next Easter it was too hillarious not to!

Good times!

That's me in the orange shirt! Torturing the pup! Harriet my niece is my counter criminal!

Here's the bunny cake all lit up. We decided every year we would name our cake because we always make one. This years bunny was nominated to be named Moe Giggity Finkelstein! Isn't that a hoot!

Here are Seth and my sister Kathi serving up a beautiful truffle! See the Lilly I gave my mummsie there. I can't believe I didn't even get one picture of mom! Crap! Next weekend I'll get loads of her! I love my mom and she's such a beautiful Queen!

Seth here getting his giant 16th birthday present from my mom and brother Warren. A laptop computor and a brand new printer too! With case and all, boy was he happy! Poor kids because of his arm he can't drive or work so this will really bring him great joy! Thanks Mom and Woe!

This is my moms great friend Babs! Not a great pic of her though the only one I got today. It was and always is a plessure to see Barbara!
Here are my neice and brother. Isn't she a beauty! I love her pink jacket. SHE'S THE CLOSEST I HAVE TO A LITTLE GIRL! In two weeks she's gonna be in the state championships for gymnastics! I am so proud of my Harriet!!!

That's my brother Warren beside her the Brad Pitt lookalike!

Here are Seth and Molly having an early morning Easter kiss! All the animals always love Seth we call him Dolittle Junoir! Here's my Garrett discovering his Easter basket! Yum a chocalate Easter bunny! A chicky that poops jelly beans and a soap ducky for the tub! Easter is awesome but Garrett knows the real reason for cellebrating Easter is because Jesus has Risen!

He hardly ever smiles in pics but Seth had a great day!

Only got one good picture of the D boy today! Isn't he a cutie! I really love my children! I am blessed! Happy Easter all! He is Risen, He is Risen indeed!!!!

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