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Monday, April 20, 2009

Garrett is now Five!

We all had a great time at the Sponge Bob party for Garrett's fifth! We invited 16 kids and only four showed up but it was a blast anyways. Tha kids we did have were such lil sweetie pies!

As you can see we had a sponge Bob piniata stuffed to the top with candy and toys! Each kids went home with a gracery bag full of candy between that and the awesome Easter egg hunt of almost 200 eggs stuffed with candies of all kinds. The big boys hid the eggs and the little ones got to do the hunt!

This is a rare shot of me! After trying my hand at the piniata I hurt my hand from a previous injury threw raking. Garrett was making sure I was OK! He is my sweetness! I was ok but it did bleed ewe!

Here's my neice Harriet helping with the gifts! Garrett is opening and having a grand time getting everything he asked for!

Here are Minnie and Mickey our two black cats in love! Brother and sister adopted last year because their human mother died from cancer. They are becoming wonderful pets.
Over on the other side are my nephew Andrew and son Danny boy playing with party horns!

Here's my mummy the queen of my life, isn't she beautiful!
Mom brought crackers and cheese and a wonderful writting tablet for a birthday gift,now Garrett and I can practice our spelling together!!!

Now the party is on the deck, we are about to eat Sponge Bob cake made by me mom! He looked more like Sponge Bobs cousin Stan when I was done. It was the nose I didn't get right I think but noone seemed to mind! hehehe

This is my step mama Marcia she loved my Christmas Catus so the picture is perfect! Marcia made a seven layer dip and a three bean salad! Yummy!

Here are Grandpa and the two youngest family members Andrew almost four and Garrett now five! All about to eat cake, as you can see Garrett did not want to wear his party hat! Grampa was helpful and held it on his head for one picture though!

Jacob whacking at Spongy!

My two big boys Seth now 16 and Danny 14! Got them away from the computor for cake for five minutes!!! That was easy any time there's food to be had they come a running!

Her are the children opening gifts and being so loving!

Me agian! Looking at my booboo hand! hehehe The only pics of me for the day.DH was sick so I did all the pick except these three!

Garrett and Theresa with Andrew! Garretts gift from Theresa and Taylor was a huge playdough kit! Garrett loves to sculpt just like his mommy!

Here's Auntie Maria she and Andrew slept over and we all had a blast! Marci brought a nice fresh green salad it went great with the BBQ chicken and the beans and noodle salad my sister brought!
Here are the kids at the kitchen table eating the cupcakes, icecream and chocalate sauce!

I think they liked the party horns more then the food!

Here's my latest creation Sponge Bob cake! Looks more like Bob's cousin Stan!

Had to stop and smell the crocusses the day was just perfect!

Here's Garrett in his tree house finding eggs!

This was the fishing game! Taylor is a great fisher!

Theresa finding eggs, isn't she prescous!

Grampa reads a Bob book to Garrett for his birthday gift! What a funny treat!

Garretts favorite gift this year was his gittar from Grandpa and Grammie Marcia! He has been asking for one for 2 years now.
Here Taylor and Jacob are playing Hot Potatoe but neither will let go so they were both giggling winners! Prizies were had by all!

Molly says Happy Birthday Garrett!

These two cousins are always criminals in Kahoots but they sure love each other! They play together, rumble together bathe together and catch colds together. I love that they are so close!

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