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Thursday, April 23, 2009

My I love ArtChix cards!

I made this Eye,I love ArtChix card using a tear off from a magazine, then I added an Art chix sticker, some florish transparensies and a label maker for the words! The background is paper and acrylic paints in two toned blues!

The top left one here is from the Mahogany ArtChix collage sheet, this man is hot! Plus the background is from an olf Harpers magazine I picked up at an antique store. I used one of the gift pics from Helga , some Chix Red German scrap borders, some ARt Collage stuff tiny red wings and some more Chix. That heart box and written on heart are both Chix collage bits. I then added some Tim Holtz distress ink to age is all and some red ep for the remainding edges. I aslo use an archival red micron pen for the marks and circles! Notice I circles the words all, the date 1878 and Bakers! That was the chocalate. This is my multicultural statement for ArtChix stating to me all are welcome to art and eat Chocalate! Both Chocalate and Vanilla! i luv artchix! Oh I cut the words off the bottom of a sheet and the other part of the i love is from another ARTCHIX collage.

On this darker card top right, I used acrylic paints and tried to blend in the ArtChix bits! I love that girl with the dolly, then to make it royal I added the gold German Chix crown and blended around that too! This is my fav I think, most artfull in my opinoin anyways.

The one I title I'm no damsel in distress is all about a movie act! See the scene three all ARTCHIX from different collages! She had naked boobies so I hand sewes the tassels and gave a little red center to them with smooch I bought from Frances Neive! Another one of my favorite dealers and on line friends! So as you can see the background is Artchix , the three men are too, and so is the lady! As are all the words and silver German scrap! To me this one has a reel sense of theatre!(get it reel?)

Now this baby I cll her Arms for ArtChix! Isn't she a creepy beauty? I just adore her face and eyes! Another ArtChix bit, the tiny heart brads are also from artchix I can never get enough of them! I use these small hearts alot! The doll has two sets of florishes over the top and sides of her head to give her a more elegant Victorian feel. The butterfly wings are from an ArtChix collage and then I painted the hearts, printed the word with the clear and black using my label maker again. The piece de la resistance is the broken frozen Charlotte hands and arms. They are real not collage. I got them on ebay!

This last one has and antique hand pin as an extension for the lady's arm and on that a braided embroidery short drapped over the artchix chix in a basket. The back ground is an ArtChix transparency and the midground women is also you guessed it ArtChix! I stitched the edges in first orange and then blue, and added some print from my word program. The printed words are gilded with a pale gold krylon paen as are the edges of the card itself. I wanted to integrate the gold tone of the beautiful antique hand.

I didn't make it in time for the contest but I am going to be artist of the month in July for ArtChix so I wanted to gift these to Helga for her birthday and let her chose her favorite! Happy Birthday Helga of ArtChix! I REALLY LOVE YOU GIRL FRIEND!

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