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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Two new large wrapped canvases !Plus some Zetti Charms...

Here is the piece I am submitting to Sommerset for their Purple Challnge! I will be shocked if she doesn't make it she came out well enough for me to feel very proud. I can't always say that! I made her with my prized flower pressings, some lady slippers from the woods. I am very careful when I pick these so as not to disturd the propagation of the species! I only take from abundant crowds of them and even then am careful not to pull up an entire staulk. These flowers cannot be transplanted although they do now sell a garden variety bulb. They take specific mold and spores to grow. Also the male and female of the plant must be present so I am not greedy and they are a tressure to me! Here you also see Pansies, lilacs,and rose pedals! There is a fabric transferr from ArtChix and acrylic paints.

Here are my 17 Zetti charms I made them with all types of beads and gold wire and some ribbons, and the main engrediant is crayola modelling clay drawn upon with sharpies and then glazed with tripple thick!

Here I have what I titled Vangoghs Daughter because the way I painted the gold reminded me of Vangoghs Haystacks. I have always simply adored Vangoghs work and tressured his life story too! When I visited France in 1996 I went to the Muse Dorsey and cried in front of his paintings. They have a name in France for people who are brought to tears for a painters works. Everyone wa so respectful of me while I sat there sobbing quietly in front of my favorite artists paintings. I tell you pictures in text books don't even begin to do his works justice. I cried not just because of his sad life but because his paintings are so amazing they pull you right into them swirling and yelling in quiet solitude! But also with breathtaking beauty! So anyways in this collage/painting pressing, I have encorporated a Paper Wimsey fabric transfer along with real pressed flowers from my gardens, and of coarse the finishing touch of ochres and yellows make this painting appear very Autumn like and much like the Haystacks of a Vangogh, as I recollect them anyways! When I finsihed this piece I stood back and saw a little ghostly girl who so wanted to be related and huggged by Vincent, maybe while he still had his ear she could have saved him from his agonizing death!

This type of collage takes over a year for me to finish as I need to used all my years pedals and clippings and then finish it off with the next years! I invented this process, and have stretched these canvases myself as this cannot be done after the stretching has occured!

Here are some more Hoops and Yoyo shots for Miss Peggy! This is them at the worlds smallest Memorial Park in my town Milford NH!

Here they are again in a close up in the State memorial Park garden!

Note the lovely shadow cascading against Hoops ears! LOL!!!

This is them again in a little art store on the Milford Oval. Believe it or not we are a cultural Meca in NH!
Here are the packages I made for my Charms. I cut papers and stitched around the edges, stamped them with Zetti art stamps from Teesha Moore, and then I made little tags by copying and cutting out my favoirte smiling charm schtick, glueing that on, and on the other side placing my addy and other info, attatching with a neat red fiber and stamping frames around the edges in Zetti style! Though I don't think the frame stamps were actually termed Zetti they fit the bill in my opinoin!

Here is another shot of the Vangogh's Daughter. I tried loading onto one of my favorite sites but it's so large that loading it there dulled it!

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