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Monday, June 29, 2009

A new piece inspired by Corinne Bailey Rae's song "Put your records on."

This is another piece I made for the artist of the month. I painted the entire dream box in white gesso. Two times.

Then I painted it all with blue sky and white clouds. Next I chose the pictures from my artchix collages. Two were from feathered friends and the other was fromone of the newer egg sheets,

My next step was adding the silver german scrap borders from Art Chix and the script German scrap scripts from Lisa Bush. Then I sealed it all with a flat matte. After the flat matte dried I added a bit more paint over the silver scrap to make them blend but to bring out the shine again I sand papered all of it wherever the scrap was, to make it all peek through and gave it a nice sculpture effect.Next I added the pictures and the real bird call and actual instructions that came with the old bird caller. It was a perfect fit in the little dome shell on top center. I typed out and printed the words from the song from my word program. Gelled them down and added some bright pink florescant paint around the edges. I glued down all the flowers for a touch more color and pazazz. Next I used a black vellum pen and drew lines around the words to make them pop. Lastly I added the mushroom birds for a 3d effect! Also to mimic the song one more time!

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