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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I have been so busy making art.

This is going to be my second submission for the Somerset AUBERGINE challenge. This piece is 17x14"'s!

I worked on it for three days as a break from swaps and other obligations, it was so much fun to do. I collected all things purple for some time and then assembled them together. The postcards are very old, one even had a one cent stamp on the back of it which I peeled off. I was inspired by a book called I will bring you violets. I paid more for it then I usually do at an antique store because I fell in love with it. Each page has poetry and prints, all hand drawn litho's. The book is very large too, my favorite type not much writing and loads of pics. I am such a kid.

I first added some pretty torn purple printed paper and then worked it from there. Birds from Lisa's and a few other places, some ARTChix pics and some Paper Whimsey too! I even had some dichotomous glass my friend Julie gave to me when we went on our trip to the Ti Fest. It went perfectly. There are fibers and metal birds, tickets, those are pinkish purply! The butterfly which is orange mixed with purple Lilacs was from a birds in bloom. Some of the purple things came from my color swap with friends from Caryl's group Helga was the swap originator great swap too! A lot of fun to give as well as receive.

My friend Dream sent me those leaf flowers from her own garden they are something that apparently grows naturally and dries naturally purple/she also sent me the pearls on plastic. I painted them with doctor Phil's purple ink and then did the strung part with gold Krylon pen the 18 carrot one! Used that for the edges too and for that netting in the center. Someone sent me the tiniest purple wings and I placed them around the dichotomous glass that looked to me like a purple florescent ladybug! Look closely or you will miss something I put everything but the kitchen sink in here lucky for it , it isn't purple!

I also painted some lilac or Hyacinth type trailing floral and used some similar napkins which are always excellent on collage! Notice the perfume label, I got off of ebay/can never get enough of those if the price is right!

Also the deep royal aubergine ribbon on the bottom with gold fasteners here and there around the collage. Even a tassel, some floral wall paper,and a tiny black and white violet at the bottom right!

Oh and never forget the real postage I always add that whenever I can, some purple hearts, a love dove and a butterfly however yellow and not purple. Enjoy

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