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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New 6x8 Inch quilties!

These quilties are each 8x6" 's. I made one for the quiltie group, one for a friend on Lost Art Creations, and a third for myself which was inspired by church. Yes folks we finally went back to church after 12 years of non attendance.
The sermon was about How nothing is possible with out Christ and how through Him all things are. Hense "fly to Jesus, and be free!"
Each one of these quilties has a beautiful but expensive background which I free motion sticthed around the borders of the purple and green edges. Then I added some collage bits which were transferred onto fabric. I used some collage stuff from Lost Art Creations and turned those into transparencies. Sew ed those on too. Added some Art Chix bits. Did some felting with my Baby Lock embellisher, and added beads and bobbles.
My favorite in the Jesus inspired one but then the other are kind of tied. Hope my recipiants like em!

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