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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

I have one more thing to add to this piece but...

Here are some photos of my latest collage on my garage door. Here it is a little closer!
This is a picture that shows the entire piece against a darker background! It would look great in a house of Shabby Chick!

My son says it looks like barf on the wall! In the picture but in person he says it's better! Isn't that kind of him???
I bought these frozen Charlotte's off of EBAY. Some of the pieces were broken and that inspired me to make this doll collage! I wanted it to be creepy but maybe it's too cluttered?
I found the baby shoes at the Salvation Army store for a dollar and fifty cents, they were shinny so I gessoed em and added a matte finish!

How this piece is about me? When I was small ages 3 to 11 I loved loved loved my dolls. I had a lot of them and I took excellent care of them too! If anyone touched them or messed up their hair I would freak out though/ I think my childhood was too chaotic and this one one way for me to control it in my own mind. Coarse it never worked, if someone wanted me to squirm or suffer all they had to do was pick up one of my perfect dolls and I would totally wig out!

When I was 12 a girlfriend of mine(the cool one) told me cool kids don't play with dolls. I wanted to fit in so badly I threw all my dolls up into the attic by their hair! I think my mom thought I was having a nervous breakdown. In a way I suppose I was. I was saying goodbye to my childhood so I could fit in.

When I went off to college my mom threw out all my baby dolls. Guess she couldn't stand the thought of her youngest daughter going away and growing up!

In the lower right hand corner is a photograph of my mom as a baby with my grandmother. My mom is holding her baby doll so I thought it was perfect for this piece!

I call it"Nobody better touch my baby doll!"

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