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Monday, September 7, 2009

Been so busy haven't even had time to post, but here goes....

I made this heart for a friend named Belinda! Still have to finish my own page for this special little project. Sure hope Belinda likes it, she wanted something like in True Colors so I did True You and True me!

Here are some Frida Kahlo charms I made for a charm swap in Melissa's group. I like how they came out and I have two more sets to come yet. This first set is a cane and it came out so cooliuo but I did paint on it a little to bring them more to life. I have been reading all about Frida this week and I never read so believe me she's an interesting artist and one of my new favorite personalities too! Always liked her art though.

This next set is just some tiles I made with textured rubber and I added some Mexican type crosses to Frida them up even more. On the backs I glued burlap like coverings and trippled thicked over them.

I found thess absolutely perfect little Frida charms on Lisa's Collage Stuff one of my favorite places to shoppe.

These are all hand painted and beaded with felt as a backing and also tripple thicked as well. The front is just a satin finish. I used a generic face from a textured rubber and gave her a unibrow!

These are lady faces that reminded me of Frida I added these neat colorful beads to top em of with a Frida flare!

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