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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

This is a special collage card I made for my friend

Marta whom I have really grown to love over the years. She was recently diagnosed with colon cancer so please pray for my Marta. Marta is an excellent artist I mean really excellent. She is the queen of all acrylics. She can bring anything to life through painting. I don't think Marta is religous but I thought she should know during this particula trial how much God loves her. I love her too. I actually felt God inspired me to make this collage for Marta. If you know that song about Mary it's very touching. I mean just think about it when Mary gave birth to her Son did she really really know what she was in for. Did she know one day when her heart would burst with love for himn she would have to follow him to the cross and watch Him die for even her?
I used paper fancy paper then a collage bit from Collage stuff, some word program words from that song, Next I added a transparency that had these white paint flicks on it. I added the bird who is apparently asking this question of Mary or(MARTA) as this case may be. Lstly the painted on roses and then I stched on the green rickrack and aroung the edges to make the piece extra sturdy.
The back of the card hold the title which is Did you know GOD LOVES EVEN YOU? So Marta during this time of trial if you should need faith I wanted you to know God loves you dearly so dearly His son died for even you. I love you Marta and you are constantly now in my prayers, Sanna

Here are some paper dolls I made for ARTCHIX

I had blast making these paper dolls. I knew I would be making them eventually so I collected doll parts from some of my favorite shoppes. Artchix and collage stuff and a few others. Now I need to replenish and build my stock back up again. Artchix just put out some great new doll parts so I had to get those of coarse so you can be sure I will be building some more in the future!

The name of this doll is The Christmas Present. She is in the shape of a tree and holds a gift. The quote I used from Corinthians is stating the greatest gift is love, so that is what's in her box! Really for me it is about how Jesus came to earth and sacrificed Himself in the form of a man and even a little baby. I love her short furr jacket coarse now ya all must know it's only faux fur! LOL!

The two saluting buildings is all about 911, and is titled Salute to the Fallen. It's a fun but actually very serious piece and who ever gets it gets a two for one. They are the twin tower so I made a mirror image using an artchix head. The towers are really empire state buildings but that doesn't really matter because the point is pretty well taken/ Then the words are TWINS, NEVER FORGET. What I am saying is two fold basicallyy one is to never forget those who died and the sacrifices all Americans have made since that day. The other is if you are a twin you never forget the life of your other half. I hope this piece does not offend anyone. It was made during the date of 91109. So it was hevay on my mind and heart.

The 1st paper doll is simply a pajama party goer. She has her sweet doll made with an artchix head as is the bigger doll in thispiece her arms and legs are also Chix but the outfit is Jolees again. I hand painted the little doll body myself. What fun!
The second doll is titled THE BALLOON BRINGER. On one side of her balloons it says Happy Happy Happiest, on the other side which are interchangeable it says... COME ON... AND BE MY...PARTY GIRL. Afterall these dolls are all sapossed to be party dolls!!! She holds a purse to match her hair piece andthe purse has a real metal chain. The balloons are real hellium no cheep stuff for our dolls so they are held up with tiny metal wires! She can fly anyways to bring her balloons because she has rose CHIX WINGS!
Now here I have created what is title The three Faces of ALLHALOWS EVE. I will not really say what I feel about Halloween but her head is that of a witch, the head is collagestuff! The body is a background atc from Artchix I placed a pebble over Mary's face because she is a saint. I used the edge scraps to untie the piece inside of her wings. Then for the third face another ARTCHIX bit is the moon.
This silly paper doll is titled OH SOLO MIO! The face is from collagestuff as is that dress, two different collage sheets though. I love the circle collage sheets Lisa has there on her site, go check em out they can be used in so many ways. The wings , arms and leg are Chix. The roses and doll heart is also Chix! I pained the hair and finagled it to fit on my singing crazy Italian doll!

This doll below is called LUCKY THIRTEEN! I made 13 my lucky number when I was a freshman in High School. It was on Friday the 13th and I can't tell you everything that happened that day but believe me it was lucky! Hense her purse with a number 13 also ARTCHIX. Other bits are from Collage STuff.

Next in line is Twiggy the Wigged Out Flapper doll! She has a porcelain head which I love from a different dealer whom I love and have to look up the name, shame on me.

I named this doll FISH WITCH. Because she hides behind a mask and eats her fishy lollypop. She is my only moveable doll as I wanted her face and mask to be interchangeable. Isn't she a hoot!

This doll just makes me crave chocalate and a party! Her heart says Best Friends Bring Chocolate! Isn't it true though doesn't a best friend always know when your need is great? My husband is my best friend and he always knows just the right time to bring me some yummy delights!

I think this might be my favorite doll. I call her Eclectic Player. Why? Well because she is made from all different parts and collage sites and pages. She has a royal straight flush in her winning hand and an umbrella or parasol in the other. On her midriff she attires a horse and cart and a queen wih a bejewlled crown. She has it all -rick rack, fancy paper and for her legs the top part of an ARTCHIX dress tuurned upside down. No how cool is that! Oh her hands are those palmest hands and her arms are hand made by moi.

This particular doll is titled CHIX WITH PICS. I hope Helga likes it because I sent her a special Chix package all chicked up! This doll has real feathers and jewells,I turned the wings inward to make her look like a chick holding a picture of her baby. I gave her feet which were originally only shoes -chicken toes! Is that what one calls the feet of a chicken? Man I am getting old

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