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Friday, October 2, 2009

When will I ever learn? Never I saposse...

Here's the 6x8" quiltie I made for my friend Melinda. Her theme was simply black white and red. I knew pretty much she liked my style so I went bananas and made this for her. It was a little difficult as I am really not a seamstress and the hardest part was the checkerboard meterials in the front bit. The faces were fun though but again the hats a bit tedious. I do however love how the final version came out. I added hang tags because I completely forgot about the info when designing my composition. Isn't my riddle quirky?

The bruise, the hematoma, the giver of night pain!

that's right I still wasn't healed from my last scooter fall and I was lame enough to get on the dang thing again. I figured I could at least ride it to the end of the drioveway to get Garrett off the bus... wrong. I felll all over again and in the exact same place as last week. This time I even got a hematoma so now you can really ffeeel sorry for me. I WENT TO THE ER because it just kept growing and growing. I kid you not it grew to the size of about a basketball. Even my kids were begging me to go to the hospital. The ER said they had never seen one as large as mine except maybe once on a lady who had a broken hip and was on blood thinners. So they even tested my blood to be sure I was clotting properly. I am sure I am since when they drew my blood I healed right away! Here's the picture of the lastest same side injury though just in case you were doubting me. LOL

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