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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Stuff from Claudines class at Artascope

First the four tags the ladies at my table made. Mine is the one with the boys and the snowman made out of pumkins, then the others followed suit with color! Their names are: Judith she is at the opposite end from mine, she was such a sweet person. She was born here in the very town I live in but hails now from Oregon. I hope she writes me. She has the neatest PC her auntie sent her of the Oval here in town with the old fashioned buggies! She said she would send me a copy which would thrill me! The one with Sanna written or rather stamped onto it was made by Cindy Theriault, she was the retired specials needs aid. Awesome person great spirit filled with positive love. The one with the house was from Deb my friend I went to the thai restaurant with. She was soft spoken and such a lamby! An art teacher at a High School up north here in NH!

These are the atc's we all traded. None are mine as mine are gone, but aren't they neat for many these were the first atc's they ever made!

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