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Monday, October 12, 2009

Ok I finally finished something I made in Claudine's class

This darling little girl is a picture of my on mommy when she was young. The baby in her arms is my litle brother Andrew when he was a baby. He was my mothers youngest child, still is . He passed away from cradiomyopathy when he was only 28 yrs young. My mom lost two little brother when she was only 5 years old as well. She always loved her bay dolls and real babies. She even grew up to be a maternity nurse. She says she's retired now but sometimes she still works perdiam with kids as a school nurse.

My mom is full of love she was and is a wonderfully kind and gentle being. That's why I have printed "SO MUCH LOVE" on the bottom of this piece.
You will also notice my moms BFF, that's her little white dog Sybil. She is a Beeshaun and she's a silly lil animal much like a forever two year older my mother simply adores.

I sure hope my mom love this piece because it's made in her honor! If she doesn't I will keep it for myself!

I made this in Claudine Hellmuth collage workshop class. Although I was unable to finish it until this past weekend. Up close you can easily see the wonderful layering and multiple techniques adhered. Using Claudines gel mediums of coarse. I tried for a transfer on my baby brothers face but some of him dissapeared so I did a faceover. I love the way this sweet piece of art finished up.

Isn't my mom a beauty!

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