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Sunday, October 18, 2009

Here they are my Calendar pages finally!

These seemed to have taken forever and a day to finish up.

I experimented with each one so they are all slightly different from each other, decreases my boredom when I am making multiples. I made 20 of these although I only needed 14 for the swap.
I started by taking a photograph of my kinder gardener with his bus driver. I made her one too so she can hang it in the bus.
Then I proceeded to use what little digital I have knowledge and access to, through my coral. I cartooned and made coloring book pages out of some then I alternately cut and pasted so each one has a bit of both in it. Then I painted and colored in the images. Bright yellow for the bus of coarse and people colors for the bus driver hugging the kiddo!
The base card is red basil a nice thick lined red. Then I found some chalk board designed papers at Micheal's with all kind of school words written on them. I cut them to fit on top of the red basil. I stitched them onto the base so as to give a neat altered appearance. Then I added a few different types of bases to the altered photo. The reason you can't really make out the child or bus driver image was done that way on purpose because it isn't about the individuals that I know it's just supposed to remind you of when you were a child riding the bus. Except for one my mother is getting for her refrigerator! Happy thoughts of September and all those new school jazzy feelings we all got!
I then added some punched out leaves made with the same background paper as I already used, the red Basil's and other background I used behind the photo, this way they all melded nicely. I stitched over some of these as well, kind of getting a messy kid drawing effect. I found the cutest apple stamp. I used the red basil paper once again as I had plenty of leftovers and embossed the stamp image onto them and cut closely around it's edges before gluing it to random places on each of the cards. Again each one is quite differently placed to give each a different calendar page original.
I took an old pair of my sons overall jeans from when he was four. Cut em into shorts so they can still be used and then I used my nifty Genome sewing machine. I programmed the word September into it and sewed out 20 Septembers. I attached them by stitching around their edges as well. With a jean like golden thread. Then I purposefully pulled out the fibers to give the edges on the word September a frayed appearance! Coolio eh?
Some of the calendar pages have number Gaffer tape from the Somerset store and others have ribbons with School days written across them each of these is sewed upon as well!
I then used my word program and typed out different fonts of "ENJOY THE RIDE". Made the words various sizes for various effects, Then did the red basil behind them to give a neat layered somewhat professional feel to the words.
The final touches are the embellishments.. the brad leaves and the metallic old fashioned looking flowers. These were a labor of love so I sure hope the recipients Enjoy The Heck out of em! LOL! Now all I have to do is sign and date em and they are off to the post tomorrow. Hope they aren't too scrapbooky for ya all!

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