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Thursday, November 5, 2009

I made a few more twinchies for the winner on one of my sites.

Here below are Daddy and Garrett playing with lego's. Garrett said to Daddy.. " I am having so much fun and I am not bored at all and the TV isn't even on!"

Over on the upper right there's my wee one being a picture ham!

Here below are Garrett and his best cat Grayson who absolutely loves the boy!
On the other side are the family players of Halloween. Featuring my brother as the Cat in the Hat, his wife Marcia as the spooky Ghost, their son Drew as the transformer bumblebee, and my son as "The Ups guy"! I was too sick to trick or treat this year so they all went with my dad and Ron!

A few atcs!

This set of four twinchies was made special for Cynthia Stenquist.

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