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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Two additions to the blog today.A note from Pam and my lucky no. 13.

First about Pam's note... I got this really nice letter from Pam M. today. I am posting it not to brag although it did make me feel really warm and fuzzy inside, but the main reason I am posting is to let all you artists out there know...
How much one little piece of art can really make a difference in another persons life. Not just the art alone but the kind gestures that go along with many of the pieces we make. I really love you my on line artists friends. Never under estimate the power of kindness. The essence of love!

Ever since I was young I didn't believe in superstitions so to disprove another one I made Friday the thirteenth my lucky day. To commemorate this number many of us feel somehow connected to I created a creepy card! Enjoy, MOOOOOHAHA!!!

Oh and as usual I am a day late but still creepy just the same.

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