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Sunday, December 13, 2009

I made this heart for Jackie McColl!

This is the front of the heart I made for Jackie. I have made five of them now and have found the key to the best heart is tons of layering. I like em interesting pretty and heavy in the hand.
Now for the back...

I added these adorable 3d toys with gobs of modelling paste. I painted the edges with a brown stain and the top with white acrylic and then some sepia stickles. The edges are done in lace I bought from Terrie at Lost Art Creations. I got most of the little toys from a miniature doll house store here in Bedford NH! ! Even a teeny weeny cuppie doll which they no longer will be making I got the last one! The drum and xylophone are made of wood as are some of the other tiny toys! The Santa background is from a candy wrapper Pam McKenzie sent some chocolate to me inside of,and the gold leaf paper is from the inside wrapper of that very candy bar. The choir girls are from an angel book I got at the still good shed at the dump. Then the tri angels are Artchix! I used rub on candy canes and simply embedded them deeper into the modelling paste to make them look 3d as well. The sticker gingerbread men add a real holiday twist.

Don't you all just love the choo choo going around the edges? Maybe I over did it a little with that train but I just couldn't help myself!

Here you can also see the three tags I made and added with gold threads and bells! It jingles! I sure hope Jackie like Christmas!

A close up of some of the tags.

They are better in person!

Here is the front side of Jackie's heart. I needle felted that snowman by hand and then added beads all around the edges to make it extra pretty. Behind the snowman are layers of antique doilies an old friend sent to me. If Jackie looks closely she can see roses in the snow. I also added layers of snow flakes with crystal lacquer and special fine snow glitter then topped it all off with clusters of beads.

Here he is closer...



I am actually pleased with how it came out it's really better in hand too! Enjoy and Happy Holidays!

I made this for my friend Willow...

I did a Creepy Firday the 13th swap on a group called stampmajic and didn't realize Willow was playing until I got her coolio card. So I made this for her. Funny shows how far behind the holidays put me finishing it up on the 13th of Dec..Willows was an atc and mine is larger post card size so hope she likes it. I made it special for her because she has people who bother her in her apartment building, hope this keeps them out! LOL! You are not a crone to me Willow either but I thought that would be funny. Hugs, Sanna

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