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Saturday, January 30, 2010

Here's a treasure box I decorated for my friend Dream!

This picture doesn't show everything I sent to Cheryl but does show most of the good stuff. She finally got it today the 9th of February. I am so glad she got it on time for Valentines Day. I am also glad she was so thrilled! Dream is such a sweet and deserving gal! Love you Cheryl!

Here she is Dream! Your special own treasure box to fill with your special secrets hopes and dreams!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so busy whenever I have time I art, as you can see my studio is a shameful mess!

I had to use two different cameras as I haven't gotten the hang of my new Figi yet.

Here you can see the sequin waste and it appears a butterfly is caught inside!

I love my fairy but I always see issues and missing perfection whever I look at my own work!

Well Dream here's the bottom of your box baby. It's about time right! Gonna add the goodies to the blog later!

Top of box couldn't resist the saying:" Dream a little Dream of Me!"

Inside of the box all pink with a mirror. Imperfect but remember it's recycled! I loved the pink velvet lining so I left it just as is though! Hope Cheryl loves it too!

Here's the side with the cute lady bug and the red and pink and silver sun!

Closer lady!

For this little saying I painted on the box first to make it look more like the metal piece belonged. Put some slight gold edges around the flare like paint knobs. It was fun blending the collage with the paint and trinkets.

OK this is the artists reflection in the tiny mirror.

Here's the back of the treasure box. I love it just plain!

Here you can see my sweet flower bringing fairy, and on the side some of that sequin waste all painted to blend in the background. Notice the butterfly's and adorable ArtChix faces. I really hope this box is not too little girl like and that Dream enjoys the Wimsey of it all! Now to go wrap her gifties!

It was a neat leather type looking hard box I bought at Crabtree and Evelyn some time ago. It smelled really badly though so for the longest time I tried all these techniques to destinkify the thing. It was too beautiful to throw away. I tried news papers and baking soda and all kinds of other herbs and jazz. Finally got all that stank out with some lavender and open air afterwards. Smells perfectly normal now. I did.'t mess with the inside but the outside is all decorated. First with tissue paper I collaged then with paint and leaves and little tidbits of faces and fairies. Even a little lady bug! I sealed it first with golden gel matte medium and then with Dorlands wax. I found with the last box I decorated the Dorlands kept the shut box from sticking and ruining the paint job. I will fill it with goodies and my friend will received this on or before Valentines day. Sure hope you like it Dream! Hope it was worht the wait. Love you, Sanna

Monday, January 25, 2010

Here's My penny post card ready to mail off.

My friend Nick Ivy suggested I use a real indian head penny. So I went and bought one off of ebay. Then attatched that instead of a memorial penny. It is very cool now and is a much more dynamic statement. I am so glad I got number one I hope my card is as special as I feel it is and I really hope it honors the poor and brings them lots of food to make them healthy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Post Card is to help make people aware of hunger and to raise money for the US food Pantries.

It is part of the Penny Experiment:
When we think about our nation and all that we have should we not consider where it came from and how good the American Native treated us when we were hungry? Yet what do we do in response, we are often greedy and stingy, instead of helping the poor we judge them and cause them to be hungry in a nation where food rots in our silos.

Here's the response I got after my second try to contact Jeff. I was really glad because when I first emailed Jeff I had a list of numbers to chose from and my favorite choice wasn't on the list. I really wanted number one. So this was meant to be... The reason I chose Sitting Bull is because this art project is all about feeding the hungry and giving to the poor and saving pennies for others. I always love finding pennies and I adore penny art. I have a neat collection of penny atc's even!

Try to remember not to judge when you see a hungry or homeless person. Instead if you can help them. We help other nations all the time, it's time to help our own people as well.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here's the quiltie I made for my friend Mary Strong.

I have a small quiltie group ( ) and every month or so we exchange a quiltie. These quilties are always 6x8" 's. Quilties are very thick, with a front ,a back, two layers of batting and a layer of timtex in the center. This particular quiltie I tried TAP for the first time. This is a neat material put out by Leslie Riley. You run it through the printer and then just iron your image onto the fabric or paper of choice. It can be sewn over painted over and just about anything. It's also completely washable after ironed. I really like it a lot! Will definitely be using it again. I used a Paper Whimsy image and then painted over their background. I added my own hand drawn/painted puppet and went over the flowers with acrylics. I also used a permanent velum writer pen for the small black line. Love those vellum's pens mon!

I had fun using antique doilies and buttons to make it look old and layered. I also added machined felted greens, creams and yellows for a nice special edge. Mary wanted vintage greens but I had some more limy colors hope she doesn't mind but I sometimes have to work with what I have. Cutting holes for the face in the back and fraying edges of the fabric also gave this piece more depth and a greater feeling of age. Thanks to my friend Judy Ross I am starting to get a tiny bit (of the hang) of understanding my fabric. She knows so much and is a wonderful mentor.
I also cut strips of my fabric and sewed them willy nillyish over the doilies. I made some free floating and sewed buttons a top. The final touches were my free motion sewing with my awful hand writing to give it a child like effect.
My friend Mary I made this for is one of the most amazing doll makers of this century so I thought she might enjoy the sentiment. Not only that she is a complete pleasure to swap and chat with. I really love our friendship. Friends like Mary do complete me. Hugs, Hope she likes it! Sanna

Monday, January 11, 2010

Here's my last heart in the booklets , it's for Helga.

First I painted the back surface baby pink and for the front I layered an old magazine from the 50's don't ask which one. I layered some interesting glamor and make up adds.

I also used a technique from one of Helga's online blog classes in polkadot design using her themed colors, red, hot pink, and lime green.
Over that I placed one of the adds clipped down to fit and put the appropriate words over and finished it off with dorlands wax.
On the front I placed a top the adds some transparencies from ARTCHIX. Over that I gel mediumed some tissue paper with Helga's theme colors. I painted the green into it with acrylics. When dry I placed down some bling. I added the seed beads all around the edges and did Dorlands on the front as well. The final touches were the fibers and the glass beads and hearts which you really can not see in the scan. I added some metal pieces that say Hugs and Kisses to the top hanger too! Hope Helga likes it!

For some reason when I am doing something for Helga I always want it to be perfect and I never feel it is... not Helga's fault. She is very nice and down to earth and full of generous compliments for me always. I just feel her work and ideas about art are so phenominal I never want to let her down. This piece looks so simple but took me hours to finish , as there are more layers then it apears.

Friday, January 1, 2010

These ornaments are for a Valentine swap I am doing...

in a swap I am playing in held by my friend Barbara Burkard. It 14 ornaments and in return we get 14 back. So I made these and my son and husband said they were more like Halloween then Valentines day deco but what do they know> So maybe it's voodoo love? LOL
I started out with these brown and gold beaded napkin rings. I was going to use these pretty red and pink ones but they didn't have enough and I thought these would be cuter with red ribbons anyways. So I made these stuffed pillows for the middles one side is an ARTCHIX transfer and the other is a sewn on number 14. I also bought some pretty crystals hearts and diamond style I wired them together and attatched the wire to the loop at the bottom of the rings. I then made these polymer clay hands and smooched the crystal into them before they got baked in my melting pot. I made them slightly larger because clay shrinks a bit when cooked. Then after baked I glued them inside with E6000, Hope noone in the swap is sensitive to that glue. It really works well. After I did all that I tied ribbons galore, around the necks and a loop at the middle of top foir hanging and lots at the tips of some of the beads that are now Valentine gals hair braids. I signed the back and made little love hearts too with red and black velum pens. I love how they came out, hope all my swap partners do too!

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