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Saturday, March 27, 2010

This was made for my friend Denese's journal, her theme is Movie monsters.

Denese asked for Movie Monsters, so I chose Mummies and Jason from Friday the 13th. From these two I hung tags from the movie posters and from them metal reels and a Movie cutter as embellishments. Denese also asked for siver and red ontop of black and white for colors. I threw in a bit of green for Jason's mask, hope that was ok. I did a fun take on mummies adding loads of different movie mummies and then a little screaming brat begging for his Mummy.
Jason's mask is 3d ish and the holes are palpable to the finger tips! I embossed the words on top with blood red as well. The edges are wrapped metal wire in mummy linnen and one side is in cammoflage the other in mummy grunge white. Enjoy Denese!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

This weeks painting "Letting GO"

This painting is about recent happenings in my life. My step mother died a few weeks ago, she was a red head. I wanted this painting to be about her. She had several grand children. They all came to her funeral of coarse. One of them her name is Virginia has red hair. She was a beautiful little creature and she was also part of my inspiration for this painting. She had one pretty braid at the funeral but I gave this gal two! So it is all about Marcia and her life and family. It's about me letting go of my past pains and about her letting go of her life.

The words read "Letting go makes it easier to fly along". You can see because she is letting go the butterflies are lightly flying away and her heavy words too are also leaving her hand that is down. She has wings and her Little ballet feet are ready to take flight.

I first colleagued the background with some really neat historical papers I tried to bring some of them forth in the final painting as well. You really have to see it up closely to get the entire feel. It's pretty. I did more tissue and paint and collaging and then dripped the rainbow. I cut out the girl and painted her on, did some sanding etc. I love this piece, maybe because it has deeper meaning to me but maybe just because I am proud of how it came out.

I recently met a woman through my father, she is starting up a group for the mentally disabled in our area. The name of the place in a club house, they have many in other areas but none in NH. It's a place where people with challenges such as bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia, and other issues who have thus gone basically unrecognized as patron of our society can meet and network. This will be so great to have a place to be recognized as an artist , and a person. Sometimes life gets so lonely.

Here's my little Leprechaun from yesterday on our hike in the wood.

A painting I did last week, called "The Dancer of Spring!!!"

Here you can see it from finish to start.

The words read clearly as the painting in person is huge 40x16"'s with a thick 1 and 3/4 inch edge. The entire piece if worked so no frame is needed.
Reads" Those seen dancing appear insane to the ones who have been deafened towards the music."

Here I have made the trellis out of old vintage music sheets I cut into thin strips. Then I used flowered tissue paper that I tore gingerly to get just the right flower shapes I wanted.

Here you see some of my supplies, flowered tissue papers, vintage music sheets, and scissors for more perfect edging. I then added a bit of white gesso to crisp up some of the outer bits and to smoke the edges of yet others.

I did do a first layer of tissue flowers before the white trellis to make it appear to have more depth of growth.

I painted in extra blues to make it more painterly and fill in gaps. I did the same process with the greens in the grounding.

I added gesso to make it really light and darkened it more as I went.

Starting out with all kinds of bits and pieces from sewing patterns to napkins and old book pages sent to me by friends. Some paint too!

Don't look to close at my messy studio!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Gena sent me some stuff for PIF! I am thrilled

Oh man I got the motherload of wonderful art treats and from one of my world favorite artists too! Gena Boone- Curtis! Thank you so much Gena. I better get my PIF together so I can do a drawing soon too!

Even the outside of her envelope was all painterly and pretty! I love the girl with the heart though and the little girl wwith the dog they are originals! So it the fat birdies, the beautiful twinchie and the Explore bird card! I feel so spoiled! I really needed this Gena, thank you ever so much! Sanna

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cancer Awareness

OK now who isn't aware of Cancer right?
I have lost too many loved ones to this terrible disease. Last week it was my step mother Marcia. These are memory pictures of her from my mind. Cancer leaves a terrible impression on anybody that has to watch it ravage a loved one. This is nothing what my step mom looked like most of her life she had fiery red hair and she had a smile and freckles. She was always full of life even during the past 8 year while she went through chemo and even after chemo, she worked, she fed the poor and she did wonderful things with and for her grandchildren and the ones she loved. She never gave up until she had no more choice. I am not sure why I felt the need to draw these pictures, but as I was sitting there holding her hand in the end I just knew I had to. Please if you know anyone with cancer be there for them in whatever capacity you are able. Also be there for the ones they leave behind. Remember death is just another stage in life no matter how scary and only lasts a short time before this person leaves to the next plain. Say whatever needs to be said but also realize this could be any one of us someday.

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