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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A painting I did last week, called "The Dancer of Spring!!!"

Here you can see it from finish to start.

The words read clearly as the painting in person is huge 40x16"'s with a thick 1 and 3/4 inch edge. The entire piece if worked so no frame is needed.
Reads" Those seen dancing appear insane to the ones who have been deafened towards the music."

Here I have made the trellis out of old vintage music sheets I cut into thin strips. Then I used flowered tissue paper that I tore gingerly to get just the right flower shapes I wanted.

Here you see some of my supplies, flowered tissue papers, vintage music sheets, and scissors for more perfect edging. I then added a bit of white gesso to crisp up some of the outer bits and to smoke the edges of yet others.

I did do a first layer of tissue flowers before the white trellis to make it appear to have more depth of growth.

I painted in extra blues to make it more painterly and fill in gaps. I did the same process with the greens in the grounding.

I added gesso to make it really light and darkened it more as I went.

Starting out with all kinds of bits and pieces from sewing patterns to napkins and old book pages sent to me by friends. Some paint too!

Don't look to close at my messy studio!

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