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Thursday, March 18, 2010

This weeks painting "Letting GO"

This painting is about recent happenings in my life. My step mother died a few weeks ago, she was a red head. I wanted this painting to be about her. She had several grand children. They all came to her funeral of coarse. One of them her name is Virginia has red hair. She was a beautiful little creature and she was also part of my inspiration for this painting. She had one pretty braid at the funeral but I gave this gal two! So it is all about Marcia and her life and family. It's about me letting go of my past pains and about her letting go of her life.

The words read "Letting go makes it easier to fly along". You can see because she is letting go the butterflies are lightly flying away and her heavy words too are also leaving her hand that is down. She has wings and her Little ballet feet are ready to take flight.

I first colleagued the background with some really neat historical papers I tried to bring some of them forth in the final painting as well. You really have to see it up closely to get the entire feel. It's pretty. I did more tissue and paint and collaging and then dripped the rainbow. I cut out the girl and painted her on, did some sanding etc. I love this piece, maybe because it has deeper meaning to me but maybe just because I am proud of how it came out.

I recently met a woman through my father, she is starting up a group for the mentally disabled in our area. The name of the place in a club house, they have many in other areas but none in NH. It's a place where people with challenges such as bipolar, ADHD, schizophrenia, and other issues who have thus gone basically unrecognized as patron of our society can meet and network. This will be so great to have a place to be recognized as an artist , and a person. Sometimes life gets so lonely.

Here's my little Leprechaun from yesterday on our hike in the wood.

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