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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Spring Theme journal pages for Janis Doty.

Ok I admitt it Spring makes me think of bunnies!!! LOL!!! Birds do it , Bees do it, even constipated fleas do it!! So why not bunnies?????
This first page is simply an old bunny birthday card I cut up and used on the perfect background paper, then I added some lace and some fringed green paper to look like grass and then the pretty fibers of coarse. Gives the book some chubbiness. What RR journaller doesn't love a bit of chubbiness in her book?
Then I did the bunny Foo foo poem, loved singing that as a kid. If you never did then you wont understand the pages so try looking it up! Under Little Bunny Foo Foo!

The middle pages are my actual spread. I used Art Chix heads and made em into what else... bunnies! I painted the back ground with ground cover and clouds from a sweet Spring day. Then I added my bunnies I did on stock paper with the heads. It was fun to animate the different heads they lent themselves to all these great hopping and dancing positions. Then I simply stamped my words into the pages. These pages were simple but I feel effective! I sure hope Janis enjoys em as much as I did making them!


PeggyR said...

How cute those turned out! I love your art! I'm in a fabric book swap that will take a year, my theme is vintage ladies, so that's what all my pages will be, but from different artists. I always like to see what art you come up with.

Anonymous said...

Sanna! Oh how funny! I never heard of the Little Bunny Foo Foo
poem until my son began reciting as a child: 20+ years ago. Everything is just lovely, as usual.

Mary Wilkins

Laura S. said...

I love that song, I sang it to both of my girls when they were little. it was the only song that would sooth Malinda. The art work is perfect! I would be proud to own it.

Melinda Cornish said...

this is so fun and so you....I miss all the bunnies on does Thomas my cat..........

Ann said...

wish I were Janis !!! this is just adorable!!

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