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Sunday, July 25, 2010

I finished one of three dreamboxes!

This is the first in a series of three dream Boxes I will be making for the Art Chix Sister site. I made this one for my friend Tristan Robin Blakeman, he's a very talented artists! I wanted him to have something special. His theme was French and Can can girls so the Moulan Rouge just had to be done. I also felt this particular dreambox was perfect and destined tto become a minnie Moulan. So I made these windmill arms with german scrap and some paint and sanding onto of chipbpoards I hand cut. I used alcohol inks and paint which I grunged up a bit to make the building look old and a bit vintage. I got some really neat medallions with the letters" P.A.R.I.S" engraphed onto them. I also stained them with alcohol inks and the backs I added some distressed embossing powers so they appears as dirty red coins. On the outside of the box I alos used little black german scrap windows with Artchix minnie faces in them. I had to cut one window in half to make them fit along the edges. I painted the edges black to make them meld as I did with the Moulan Rouge Minnie poster. I cut the minnie Moulan rouge poster down the middle with pinking sheres so they would look like one word when the doors were closed,I think it works! I used a flowery brad with a bit of silver as the madallion are silver I sanded the fronts after I alcohol inked them so the letters would shine through well. On the inside I also have a tiny little silver table and chairs. Only two to make the stage look really personal and to give my Moulan Rouge ambience. I have two proper ladies from back in the change of the 17-1800's coming to see the show. The minnie table and chairs are their reserved seating. I got the chairs from a doll house store in our local area and I made the table out of paper painted with silver metalic paint. The table is delicate, so no touching! In behind the ladies entering the show are french words from an old french magazine I bought from Lisa Bush's shoppe. I thought the words gave it an extra Ooh lala! Then I made a stage out of layers chip board painted that brown and glued itinto and on top of the can can girls. Just took a darker brown and edged them up a bit to give further demension. Next I made what else red curtains out of some nice rich satin like fabric and I didn't even need to sew. I did double them up and use fabric tac though. I added some bling for the curtain tassles,and I love how it came out! Lastly I added the words Yes Yes we Can Can, because I know Tristan is a democrat and likes/ed Obahma. His slogan Yes we can fitted perfectly here with just an extra Can for a play on words. Perfect for a piece of combined old and modern day history. I knew Tristan loved theatre so I thought this would be perfect for him. I also have something else I am sedning to Triosytan along with this dreambox! I wonder if Tristan has ever bneen to the real Moulan Rouge? I wanted to go when I was there but you need to make reservations ahead of time and I did not. Another reason to go back to Paris one day!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Made a few special atcs this week.

The card below is my favorite for the week. I call him the Peddlar! He's musical and whimsical and even has a friend on his back!

Happy 80th Birthday Ruth! I hope you get a little birthday chuckkle from my card! Many happy returns indeedy!

This is for a sweet 90 yr old friend of mine who has just had her fourth heart attack. She is a generous amazing lady and I certainly hope she recovers and is back to her regular arting amazing self soon!

I made this card for Donna as she has two lotto months and I am late with the first. I was telling my mom about my latest art and she just goggled and said " what do you do, sit there and think what weird thing can I possibly draw next?" Ya right mom, actually it just comes natural. She should know that about me by now, MOM!

The card below is titled Frog under Glass. I made it for the finearts lotto of the month of July card also for Donna. Hope you like it Donna!

It was too hot to do much of anything else. Other then draw and color a little bit. Oh and I also shopped for my dream boxes. I am making three. One is steam punk , the second is French, and the third is fairylike, So shopping has been fun bow the hard work must ensue!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The winner of my blog give away is....

Donn! Congratulations Donn. I used and your number was 4 and so you win! Hugs. Sanna

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