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Saturday, September 25, 2010

This is a good cause so please check it out! Plus a blog Giveaway!!!!

The cause is Women's Heart Health, the calendar is beautiful. If you'll just go and purchase one of these beauties for the cause, I will enter you into my blog giveaway to receive my original work. Its very nicely done,my work in the calendar has images from LAC (LOST ART CREATIONS, if you go to the ETSY address you will see the store there),Collage sheets and fibers with flowers of silk and brads of different yellow hues, a neat brass bird, some netting, bubbles that pop almost right off the page, I have machine sewn the edges and there's both German turquoise scrap fish as well as German scrap edges too! The back has my signature and is a wonderful piece for framing year round. My month is the month of August. Purchasing one of these calendars not only gives your support for the cause of womens heart health but you could also be the owner of this calendar and win this Sanna original! So be sure to go here:
place your order come back and leave a comment to win this piece of artwork too!

It's for Women's Heart Health and the money goes towards that cause! I am also one of the artists posted in this Calendar. Here's the link to purchase one:
I will do the drawing for the prize of Dec. 31st! Sanna

Bex left this comment:Hey, Sanna...

I looked up your blog and saw the information about the calendar. I think I've said I'm 56 and have been an insulin-dependent diabetic (maybe I haven't said this part) for 22 or 23 years. About six months ago I was feeling odd after heavy cleaning and my doctor decided to be on the safe side and send me for a cardiac stress test. Holy cow! I could not finish it. Because of this I looked up some information about heart attacks and symptoms of impending heart attacks in women. I need a 2011 calendar, too. Between the cause and the beauty of the calendar...sold! I think I am getting more oblivious and impatient as I age: I couldn't figure out how to leave a comment on your blog. Would you enter me in the drawing for your art? I offer the forwarded message as confirmation :) As I can I hope to buy one or two more calendars for select friends for holiday presents...again because of the cause and their intrinsic beauty.



Dear oldonutlady54,

Congratulations on your Etsy order! Here's more information:

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here's a 6x8" quiltie I made for my friend Babs!

My friend Babs made me a beautiful glass bottle covered in pretty things like paper machine fibers a wonderful image and some charms. The top is so cool too with a cork and bobbles on top of that stick into the cork with a pretty pearlized stick pin. I LIKED IT SO MUCH WE ARE DOING A SWAP ON THE ARTCHIX SISTER SITE WITH THE SAME IDEAS.
Any ways in return for her bottle Babs requested a romantic type Victorian quiltie. So this is what she's getting. This was a Lost art Image of the month for the month of August I believe. Initially I was going to do a kissing couple but liked this much more. I used fabric from Joann's I thought was Victorian and romantic and bought some very pretty fibers to match. While I was at Walmart I was speaking with the sales lady and she showed me this fabric that you can pull apart and put laced ribbon through so I got some on sale. I have never done this before and it took some time but I threaded fibers that matched all through it tied it off at the ends and let the ends just stay as is but tied extra to that. I used some no fray on all the ribboon ends to be sure it should stay nice a long time for BABS!
I also used some Tap to transfer my image to some muslin. I painted some pretty daisies with pink centers to match one of my ribbons. I like the way they go together and bind this piece nicely. I also sewed these roses to the tops of them but they are not perfect. I figured out how to do It as I went along. The key is to sew from the outside to the inside and not visa versa. I sewed a pretty handle and on the back a picture of Jesus and his mom. With a little special memo! Hope Babs like this!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Something I made for my Nieces wedding shower.

I got some nice flowers dried flowers today to place in the cone. Some great soothing smelling lavender, some white paper flower roses that I wire wrapped and placed in the bouquette with the brown and white other type of dried flowers. Her colors are blue so the lavender should mix well with that. Plus I just love lavender.

The initial picture Sarah sent to us.

Close up of the victorian lace cone I made.

This one shows more details

The handle and cone have vintage and antique buttons and lace and beads sewn into sheers. All the muslin and cheesecloth is dyed with walnut spray and then washed and heat set. I used a Tap image to make the picture digitally in sepia.

I will be adding dried flowers in blue her color of choice tomorrow then mailing it off as the shower is a bit far away to attend.

I got the idea and how to from the book I am reading and going along with in an online class. It's called The Latest trends in Mixed Media , Vol 11.
This particular item is a Victorian Lace cone. I used an image the couple sent to us on an informal invitation to make the picture and turned it into sepia and then followed the books directions. I love how it looks in person.

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