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Thursday, October 14, 2010

A snowman atc I made for a friend!

This atc is felted machine base and then hand done on the details, I added glass black beads for the eyes and buttons. Embroidered red knots for the smile. I tied a piece of hemp for the arms. Used a tweed like fabric for the scarf and hand sewed that down. Then I sewed tiny glass snow beads all over. Making thicker lines where the top of the surfaces would be, ie: the hat brims and top of snow! Machine sewed the edges gingerly so as not to break any of the glass snowflakes! Hope you like it Melissa!


Anonymous said...

Wow Sanna! Your snowman is SO detailed. I am sure your friend will just love it.

Mary Wilkins

Singtatter said...

Oh, Sanna, so lovely! Would you considering doing one for me? I have a tatted flying pig fabric ATC ready for sending.

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