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Monday, October 4, 2010

Some Halloween Gothic Arches I made for an ArtChix sister site swap!

Recently I feel God is trying to do a work in my life and I actually felt a little guilty making these Halloween arches. Even though I think it's fun to be festive. So I decided one of my arches would have a bible verse in it warning against what God has to say about such things.
Yes I guess this makes me a hypocrite because then I indulge in the gore and candy. Guess that's one big reason I need Jesus I am a hypcrite who needed forgiveness. I just want my foloowers to know who I serve in my heart! The one true living God Jesus Christ! Please forgive my hypocracies!


PeggyR said...

You did a great job on your arches!

Anonymous said...

You are SO talented Sanna and I love all of your very interesting gothic arches.

Mary Wilkins

Raeven said...

Sanna these are awesome!!!
Love the colors, the graphics, everything about them.
You have so much wonderful talent!
Anytime you want to send something like this my way, my mail box door will be wide open.

quiltcrazygaljennalouise said...

Hi Sanna! My favorite arch is the candy cute! I'm still around just wanted to say hello and enjoy a visit to your blog:) It always makes me smile. Hugs, Jenna Louise

Sallie said...

Oh Sanna, I love them all especially the first one! You are so talented. If you want to bless me with any of your art, I would be honored. You rock, gf! Hugs,

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