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Sunday, November 21, 2010

How does an artist do it? Fullfill her obligations and stay true to herself?

Here's the little tag I made for the spread. See it says Zee Bull which goes with the second page of my spread. Plus the Asparagus behind the bull. I hope Christy gets my sense of humor and attempt at integrity to my own belief system. I love playing with other artists themes even if they aren't exactly what I would chose for myself.

I was a teen during the 70's, so what's your sign baby was a line I heard once too often. I really did give this answer too! I would say asparagus and the guy would usually look all baffled and perplexed. I don't believe in following the stars as a means of understanding my world so always felt it was a bit of hooey or even against what God wanted for me. Coarse I wasn't always where I should have been either like a place where men would ask such sillyness. Anyways some would know right away I was playing around and others who had no idea what the signs were even all about would just go along with it. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! If they asked me more I would have an opening to talk about what my belief system really was, that usually scared em away fast! Or sometimes not. So I looked up Asparagus and found out quite a bit about this vegitable. Was surprised to find out that Ben Frankiln wrote about it too!

While keeping a sense of humor and pleasing the person she's sending her art of to. Is it even possible this day and age to be A Christian and still play well with others? Well I'm not sure but I do my best. Hence this spread.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

I had to do my horoscope sign for a rr journal.

So this is what I did. It's a self portrait. I will do the opther half soon as I can. I have never believed or followed a horoscope but I must admit as I am a Tuarus sometimes I am full of bolognia!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

I made this SteamPunk bottle for my friend Marnie

M is for Marnie!

This is the bottom of the bottle. Showing two angel friends both Marnie and myself! I made sure when I wire wrapped this bottle that I did it so the bottom would stand firm and balanced. The wire wrapping has several purposes. One was aesthetic, it looks steam punk, two it makes the charms easy to attach and three it reinforces the bottle so if Marnie does try to crack it on her yacht it wont be easy!

This side of the bottle is all about romance and love, spunky danger.Forever love and what"s more steam punk!!! He really could dance what a charmer!!!!! I wonder if Marnie's husband dances????

So she's an abolitionist drunk! That's Steam punk BABY!

This side of my bottle is all about Marnie, she looks just like that gal in the least her face does anyways! Those are the eyes of a sober woman and the gal in the tub is bathing in bubbly. Bright eyes that shine are the eyes of a sober gal and so you can see the juxtaposition and dichotomy of a women in any day and age. I added the neat steam punk charms here as well. The repetitive circles makes your eyes travel the entire side. It's a plethora of cool images and textures, fun stuff to look at.

Just a neat closeup to give you a better feel of my steam punk effect and all the neat images and charms!

Here you can see the top of my bottle, and how the glass knob sparkles! I have ArtChix collage pieces all over the thang. The word Superior made me think I am,(we are, people who make art and love art)the superior people in this case women of intelligence. It fit so well into the theme.

This is a nice clear picture of the Industrial Chic I got at Micheal's. I love this line of charms and cool metallic pieces. This was the perfect item to use some of it on. Now I have to go purchase replacements! I also had a neat red light symbol I bought elsewhere. It's on the same side of the bottle as ArtChix words:"give me diamonds" so I added the colored crystals to the street light and put it appropriately next to the antique replica car! A little bit of red made this bottle pop!

Here you can see a close up of where the bottle itself threatens the buyer not to reuses or resale "federal law prohibits". So I guess that makes me naughty! Whoever owns this bottle ~well Marnie you're taking your chances! hahahaha I painted the background lightly and then applied my stamp pad to the top of the word to make them legible. This is repeated on the bottles bottom as well. I loved this bottle the moment I found it at that garage sale!

My bottle is all about women and their strength during the turn of last century. How involved we were with the right to vote as well as being flappers and abolitionists. Yes we were well behaved and very naughty. What ever side we chose we did it as always with strength and perseverance.

Here's the bottle top. I bought the knob at home depot,after trimming the cork... I screwed the screw right through it and now it's securely attached and will not break when removing cork to look inside or put something sneaky in there.. Before I screwed the screw into the cork I took a tool and poked out a small hole in the center. I did not want to crack the cork when screwing it, nor did I want the cork to expand and no longer fit into the bottle. I though about decorating the cork itself but leaving the cork plain fits the steam punk theme best.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Here are three pages I made for Jill Noblitt's book

So the dopplegangers are paper whimsie and the pumpkin head were given to me by a friend. The cat head was part of my newest collage series that Cindy McMath used in her Halloween arch. I just think he so creepy retro. Ok so I did some felting and layers, sewing and paiting. I sent it out today and got a new one five minutes later!

Below is the spook couture dolla I made for a signature...

Her book had a Halloween theme, and I got it the week after Halloween. A little hard to get motivated at first ut then it came easy! Sanna

Monday, November 1, 2010

Here's my sons first grade Halloween parade!

The class starts the outside marching from the school!

This little guy was having a great time being SpongeBob, everybody loves that cartoon charactert!

I think here Garrett waa copying the camera man(me), I usually shut one eye and snarl then shoot? Some kind of instinct. He doesn't even remember making this face but I am sure it was a mimic! LOL!

One of the twins Garret is friends with the other is a few down she was the artistocrat!

Here are two of Garretts newest buddies from class.

Our dog Molly with a Halloween Spider on her head!

This is the school principal he's a funny guy!

All the teachers were Dalmations and the Principal and his secretary were Mrs and Mr Cruella Deville!
This is Garrett's class with his three teachers. I love each of them they are all very sweet peeps!

Here are some photos of the arches from the ArtChix Sister site

I will be leaving this decoration up at least until ThanksGiving is over. Not sure what I'll be putting up after that! ARen't they all so full of whimsey though!

Below is the triptich Marnie Blum sent me it's adorable and very Zetti!Can't believe this was Marnies first try at being a Zetti gal!

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