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Monday, November 1, 2010

Here's my sons first grade Halloween parade!

The class starts the outside marching from the school!

This little guy was having a great time being SpongeBob, everybody loves that cartoon charactert!

I think here Garrett waa copying the camera man(me), I usually shut one eye and snarl then shoot? Some kind of instinct. He doesn't even remember making this face but I am sure it was a mimic! LOL!

One of the twins Garret is friends with the other is a few down she was the artistocrat!

Here are two of Garretts newest buddies from class.

Our dog Molly with a Halloween Spider on her head!

This is the school principal he's a funny guy!

All the teachers were Dalmations and the Principal and his secretary were Mrs and Mr Cruella Deville!
This is Garrett's class with his three teachers. I love each of them they are all very sweet peeps!


Anonymous said...

The school Halloween parade photos are wonderful! All the children were so cute and the costumes were so original. I laughed when I saw the spider on your dog, Molly. My cat wouldn't allow me to do that ever.

Mary Wilkins

carylsrealm said...

Darling photos!

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