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Friday, January 1, 2010

These ornaments are for a Valentine swap I am doing...

in a swap I am playing in held by my friend Barbara Burkard. It 14 ornaments and in return we get 14 back. So I made these and my son and husband said they were more like Halloween then Valentines day deco but what do they know> So maybe it's voodoo love? LOL
I started out with these brown and gold beaded napkin rings. I was going to use these pretty red and pink ones but they didn't have enough and I thought these would be cuter with red ribbons anyways. So I made these stuffed pillows for the middles one side is an ARTCHIX transfer and the other is a sewn on number 14. I also bought some pretty crystals hearts and diamond style I wired them together and attatched the wire to the loop at the bottom of the rings. I then made these polymer clay hands and smooched the crystal into them before they got baked in my melting pot. I made them slightly larger because clay shrinks a bit when cooked. Then after baked I glued them inside with E6000, Hope noone in the swap is sensitive to that glue. It really works well. After I did all that I tied ribbons galore, around the necks and a loop at the middle of top foir hanging and lots at the tips of some of the beads that are now Valentine gals hair braids. I signed the back and made little love hearts too with red and black velum pens. I love how they came out, hope all my swap partners do too!

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