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Monday, January 11, 2010

Here's my last heart in the booklets , it's for Helga.

First I painted the back surface baby pink and for the front I layered an old magazine from the 50's don't ask which one. I layered some interesting glamor and make up adds.

I also used a technique from one of Helga's online blog classes in polkadot design using her themed colors, red, hot pink, and lime green.
Over that I placed one of the adds clipped down to fit and put the appropriate words over and finished it off with dorlands wax.
On the front I placed a top the adds some transparencies from ARTCHIX. Over that I gel mediumed some tissue paper with Helga's theme colors. I painted the green into it with acrylics. When dry I placed down some bling. I added the seed beads all around the edges and did Dorlands on the front as well. The final touches were the fibers and the glass beads and hearts which you really can not see in the scan. I added some metal pieces that say Hugs and Kisses to the top hanger too! Hope Helga likes it!

For some reason when I am doing something for Helga I always want it to be perfect and I never feel it is... not Helga's fault. She is very nice and down to earth and full of generous compliments for me always. I just feel her work and ideas about art are so phenominal I never want to let her down. This piece looks so simple but took me hours to finish , as there are more layers then it apears.

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