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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Here's the quiltie I made for my friend Mary Strong.

I have a small quiltie group ( ) and every month or so we exchange a quiltie. These quilties are always 6x8" 's. Quilties are very thick, with a front ,a back, two layers of batting and a layer of timtex in the center. This particular quiltie I tried TAP for the first time. This is a neat material put out by Leslie Riley. You run it through the printer and then just iron your image onto the fabric or paper of choice. It can be sewn over painted over and just about anything. It's also completely washable after ironed. I really like it a lot! Will definitely be using it again. I used a Paper Whimsy image and then painted over their background. I added my own hand drawn/painted puppet and went over the flowers with acrylics. I also used a permanent velum writer pen for the small black line. Love those vellum's pens mon!

I had fun using antique doilies and buttons to make it look old and layered. I also added machined felted greens, creams and yellows for a nice special edge. Mary wanted vintage greens but I had some more limy colors hope she doesn't mind but I sometimes have to work with what I have. Cutting holes for the face in the back and fraying edges of the fabric also gave this piece more depth and a greater feeling of age. Thanks to my friend Judy Ross I am starting to get a tiny bit (of the hang) of understanding my fabric. She knows so much and is a wonderful mentor.
I also cut strips of my fabric and sewed them willy nillyish over the doilies. I made some free floating and sewed buttons a top. The final touches were my free motion sewing with my awful hand writing to give it a child like effect.
My friend Mary I made this for is one of the most amazing doll makers of this century so I thought she might enjoy the sentiment. Not only that she is a complete pleasure to swap and chat with. I really love our friendship. Friends like Mary do complete me. Hugs, Hope she likes it! Sanna

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