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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This Post Card is to help make people aware of hunger and to raise money for the US food Pantries.

It is part of the Penny Experiment:
When we think about our nation and all that we have should we not consider where it came from and how good the American Native treated us when we were hungry? Yet what do we do in response, we are often greedy and stingy, instead of helping the poor we judge them and cause them to be hungry in a nation where food rots in our silos.

Here's the response I got after my second try to contact Jeff. I was really glad because when I first emailed Jeff I had a list of numbers to chose from and my favorite choice wasn't on the list. I really wanted number one. So this was meant to be... The reason I chose Sitting Bull is because this art project is all about feeding the hungry and giving to the poor and saving pennies for others. I always love finding pennies and I adore penny art. I have a neat collection of penny atc's even!

Try to remember not to judge when you see a hungry or homeless person. Instead if you can help them. We help other nations all the time, it's time to help our own people as well.

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