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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Some Valentine Zetti cards I made!

This first card is not Zetti. I made it for my mom. Happy Valentines Day mother!
All the rest are my idea of Zetti Valentines. I made them for my friends and frineds in a swap I hosted!

Happy Valentines Day everybody!

I been having a hard week this past February so far.

Today is the 25 of Febraury, my step mom has finally passed on and triumphed over her battle with Cancer. Rest in peace Marcia. Know you were loved and will not be forgotten.
Went to my great aunts funeral. She died from liver cancer but she was 95 years old. She had a great long life and was a wonderful matriarc. Still we all miss her.

Now my step mother is so sick in the ICU with blood clots in her lungs and she too has cancer. She has had such a struggle these past two months, really she has been fighting the cancer which started out as ovarian years ago. Her life has been extended greatly by modern medicine but lately it just seems so hard for her. I been feeling sad thinking about loosing people we love and about the sufferring that goes along with dieing. So I made this card to express my feeling as I am not sure how else to do that.
Two of my other very good online artist friends were diagnosed recently their names are Marta and Nick. I pray for these people often. I have lost a few friends too one was Kelly and the other was Selkie all within a year. My other friend Kelly another Kelly alos fought against cancert and hs won so far. Yea for that!
Cancer is so ugly and so mena and unfair. Dieing is a part of life and more so the older we get. It's just isn't something I have grasped yet. I believe in God but I still feel so sad when someone has to suffer as they are leaving. I feel sad if they have to leave at all especially before what I consider their time. I mean young. Like anything under 95!

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