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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Here are the covers I just finished making for a RR book

Jill Noblitt is a very talented artist!

Here are the pages my friend Jill Noblitt made for me and I absolutely love them! She even gives a little story all about them on the back of her tag! It's perfect because in the real ghost story a little girl named Elizabeth comes and plays from the grave with a real girl named Carly! I just love the back ground in Jills pages too with the little scrbbled rusty dolls crawling all around. They are even so much better in person if you can believe that as art almost always is... the first page shows a new dolly package with a used creepy doll inside so unique and interesting! I love her wires and sproket eyeball! Jill has neat stuff would love to get into her studio and her artistic mind. I think Jill's idea od dug up toxic dollies goes so well with the true story and my theme, thanks so much Jill, this is a wonderful start to my book.

Be sure to read this the back of Jill's tag you simply must to grasp the full creepiness of this story!!!!!!!

My chosen theme is CREEPY DOLLS! Here I found a neat ceramic cherub face for my front cover. I chipped and chisseld off it's wings and the face made for a great creepy doll. I then added crackle paintes and distressed inks and embossing powders and it came out soooooooooooooo creepy. I also had some old dolls book pages I copied for the background. I have a friend who recenty inspired me for doing this front page too. She thinks her house is haunted and so they looked it up online and found out the little girl who she said called herself Elizabeth in her attick the other day actually existed. To yop it off she was burried in the yard somewhere with the rest of her family. This house she lives in is historical and very old from the 1700's! That gave me the idea to do a creepy doll dug up from her grave!

The page directly above is the inside cover. It shows tags and dolls that are swapping or grabbing each others heads. There are lots of textures here. Like scene door looking stuff and cement or stucko too! This was so much fun for me to make. I was kind of a creepy kid with my dolls when I was young. My life was really hard and so my dolls were always kept in prestine condition if anyone touched them even slightly I would freak out. So everyone always did to torture me. My dad would punish me by knocking all my dolls off their shelfs and I would totally wig out. It's funny I love creepy dolls now kind of cathartic for me to own them and think about them as kind of being alive!

Here I simply used black gesso and then white ontop of that and scapped the words into the page. Then I added some crakle paint and lastly some ARTCHIX doll head images!

The back are photos I found on line locked inside a house full of only windows the dolls are peeking out at you from the back of the book!

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