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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cancer Awareness

OK now who isn't aware of Cancer right?
I have lost too many loved ones to this terrible disease. Last week it was my step mother Marcia. These are memory pictures of her from my mind. Cancer leaves a terrible impression on anybody that has to watch it ravage a loved one. This is nothing what my step mom looked like most of her life she had fiery red hair and she had a smile and freckles. She was always full of life even during the past 8 year while she went through chemo and even after chemo, she worked, she fed the poor and she did wonderful things with and for her grandchildren and the ones she loved. She never gave up until she had no more choice. I am not sure why I felt the need to draw these pictures, but as I was sitting there holding her hand in the end I just knew I had to. Please if you know anyone with cancer be there for them in whatever capacity you are able. Also be there for the ones they leave behind. Remember death is just another stage in life no matter how scary and only lasts a short time before this person leaves to the next plain. Say whatever needs to be said but also realize this could be any one of us someday.

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