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Saturday, March 27, 2010

This was made for my friend Denese's journal, her theme is Movie monsters.

Denese asked for Movie Monsters, so I chose Mummies and Jason from Friday the 13th. From these two I hung tags from the movie posters and from them metal reels and a Movie cutter as embellishments. Denese also asked for siver and red ontop of black and white for colors. I threw in a bit of green for Jason's mask, hope that was ok. I did a fun take on mummies adding loads of different movie mummies and then a little screaming brat begging for his Mummy.
Jason's mask is 3d ish and the holes are palpable to the finger tips! I embossed the words on top with blood red as well. The edges are wrapped metal wire in mummy linnen and one side is in cammoflage the other in mummy grunge white. Enjoy Denese!

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