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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I finished my quiltie for Rachel!

What I wrote to Rachel:
Rachel I hope you like my quiltie I made for you. I wanted to make it extra special because you made two for me, and you are always so obliging. But I'm afraid I might be dissapointing you somewhat in that it's more natural then contrast colors. Plus has a cute little girl with a doll which wasn't something you had mentioned as a like. However I liked the base of this piece so much I was initially saving it for myself or for selling purposes. It one of my original flower pressing techniques pieces. Then on top of that loads of antique lace, machine fancy stitches, beads, antique buttons, some silver trims and gadgets including half a snap! It's weird because I have added two different colored metals the silver and the copperish antique. I think it actually works but tell me if you don't think so. I hand sewed all the edges and added hemp and yarn and tied those into knots and attatched a specially chosen twigf I went and cut myself which I wrapped inside of more antique lace and then wove some leaf ribbon around the outside. I am going to add one more perfect button to finish it off but that will have to be a surprize in the mail. Hugs, Sanna
What Rachel wrote back:

ARE YOU KIDDING??!! I LOVE THE QUILTIE YOU MADE!!!! This is such a beautiful
peice, it will receive an honored place on my wall. Sanna, you outdid yourself!
I really love it. All the attention to every detail (did I mention I love the
antique silver and copper together?) and such a sweet picture in the middle, (I
have a soft spot for dolls, by the way! How funny is that!!!) It is beautiful.
Thank you for thinking of me to make something so precious. That's what I adore
about each person's work here, the thought and care and variety that goes into
each one to make them such special pieces of art. Thanks so much!!!! I am
beside myself with excitement to see it in person. Rachel McCollough

This week I have an assignment from one of my groups to take my camera everywhere!

So I have been and what a wild few days it's been!

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