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Saturday, June 26, 2010

I finished a piece I am very happy with!

Leave a comment and get a chance at winning the sketch I used to make this painting. Below is the ATC you could win! Please leave critisism or comment.

I will be drawing a lucky winner for the atc on the 4th of July!

My latest piece is abstract but to me a moving work as your eyes go around in a circle. I would however appreciate critisism and comments. So much so that I am having a blog giveaway. I will give the winner at random the sketched out ATC I did as a preliminary to this painting. Some day it could be valuable. I intend on doing a few shows soon.
Ok about this painting: I call it "Swimming in the Gulf", it's all abut my perspective of the oil explosion and thereafter sufferings of the earth. So here you'll see me... the girl with the giant jugs and long legs and beautiful blond hair(LOL,IF ONLY)but with a sad face. Inside her arms is the ever errupting oil well, around her is all the devastation she has caused and now sees for building something she could not controll(MAn could not).The three fish are swimming upside down and frowning, The baby seal(who was made cute on purpose) as I used to work for Green Peace and whenever we went around from door to door there was this one picture of a baby seal we would show people to get them to donate... thus the cute dipiction, I wanted to grab your hearts. The Pelican too is covered in oil, misserable and dieing just as we all have been seeing on television.
Everytime I see the sea creatures dieing and covered in this oily suffocating death trap I feel the deapths of sadness. It moved me to a new awareness while painting this piece.
I went to the Boston Museum of fine arts and saw some Picassos" and some of Matisses' work very abstract and beautiful. I also saw a depiction of Nepoleon touching the people who were fighting for him. They were dieing from the black plague and other affirmaties and war wounds. He touched them as if he was concerned like he was their savoir ,then walked away and had them all poisoned to death. He was unable and unwilling to heal them due to their critical medical needs and the weight the war placed on him and the province.
My husband asked me what the focal point of this piece was and I jokingly said: "her giant ass"! He said: "Really because it is...", I said: "Yes as we so fat sit in our houses unaffected by this terrible atrosity."
Soon enough it will however effect our childrens children and even people of our own generation will be without the fish and a living. For now though it's the sea and all the living creatures that are suffering as BP tries to pay people off.

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