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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Made a few special atcs this week.

The card below is my favorite for the week. I call him the Peddlar! He's musical and whimsical and even has a friend on his back!

Happy 80th Birthday Ruth! I hope you get a little birthday chuckkle from my card! Many happy returns indeedy!

This is for a sweet 90 yr old friend of mine who has just had her fourth heart attack. She is a generous amazing lady and I certainly hope she recovers and is back to her regular arting amazing self soon!

I made this card for Donna as she has two lotto months and I am late with the first. I was telling my mom about my latest art and she just goggled and said " what do you do, sit there and think what weird thing can I possibly draw next?" Ya right mom, actually it just comes natural. She should know that about me by now, MOM!

The card below is titled Frog under Glass. I made it for the finearts lotto of the month of July card also for Donna. Hope you like it Donna!

It was too hot to do much of anything else. Other then draw and color a little bit. Oh and I also shopped for my dream boxes. I am making three. One is steam punk , the second is French, and the third is fairylike, So shopping has been fun bow the hard work must ensue!

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