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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Fairy Dream Box for Stacey!

I sure hope Stacey Edwards likes this dream box! She wanted fairy like and so this is what I concocted. I started by painting the entire Art Chix winged Dream box exterior and interior with a purple color. Next I painted the front exterior with Tim Holzt crackle paint. I wanted my fairy to be somewhat shabby chic. I love colors and glitz but nothing that makes me puke!!! I did add a sparkling purple embossing powder over black ink to her wings edges! Hard to see on the scan!
Next I made her legs. I rolled up some muslin cloth and glued it together with fabric tac, then painted them with white gesso. Next I painted black stocking stripes all around , up and down both legs. To finish off my legs I stuck a wire into the top down through the bottom strung it through the hole in my Art Chix fairy bootee and back up the leg, then both strands of wire through the bottom of the exterior into the interior of the dream box window, and through two- two hole buttons.
Next I chose an inchie fairy bit with a blue heart and red and yellow background to stick into the off center of my inner window, to make the hand in the inchie my fairies left hand! I then painted the background to match my inchie and when that was dry glued down buttons of childlike colors all the way around the inner edges!Lastly to finish off my dream box interior I looked through all my word collage sheets and found the saying that suited her best. I had to make it smaller to fit the window but it works really well!"She turned her scars into stars!" El perfecto for an old doll faced fairy!
My next step was to make a hand that would go around the outer lever that opens the dream box, I made the hand so it's covering that notch but also looks like she is holding the seven gypsies wand I bought from Lisa Bush! I made the hand and thumb separately out of polymer clay, so it when I glued them down the hand would appear to be holding her wand and purse. I put the purse through the wand showing purse side out then ut the wand through the hole in her hand inside the notch lever! Aren't I smart? Say yes! !The purse is also an ArtChix art bit! One that matches her shoes as no fairy would be seen mismatched... or would she?
Now onto her head! I used a little inchie doll head also from ArtChix, I think that is currently my favorite sheet by the way! I tried different faces but the one with the glasses seemed to suit her best. Maybe because she is the one who absolutely looks the most like me when I was a child. I attached this head to cardboard x 2 layers. then adhered her to the dream box. After which I attached hair and a crown. Then I sewed beads all through her locks! One onto the tip of her crown of coarse!
I thought I was finished but then realized she looked too leggy and half naked. So I made her a skirt by cutting thin strips of muslin to stay shabby chicish onto purple pieces of ribbon bits then onto the perfectly purple fairy glitzy fabric. I always add love when ever I used fabric as I am a very slow seamstress. I also gave her strips on her ankles and tiny bits of strips in her hair. Then I sewed 5-7 beads at the end of each tiny strip. Also onto her anklets! She is much better in person Stacey! Hope you'll love her.

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