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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My last Dream Box and a stamp board atc...

I made this Steam Punk box for my friend Cindy McMath. To me Steampunk is all about the industrial revolution and age of Heratio Alger. All about a time when there were still so many meaningful inventions and vehicals to discover. When in a time where poverty prevailed success could happen if you listened to the advice of a wise person.

I asked Cindy what her secret to success was and she said "Hard work and perseverance", I wanted my piece to be about travel and flight, about making it to high places! So I added the part about practice and jumping to spread our wings and fly!

I added gadgets and bobbles and some ArtChix bits and collage pieces. I also added a few other nifty items. Everything is very well anchored so should not fall apart. It took me a while to adhere everything. I think I even glued my fingers to this piece a couple of times! Metal glue works really well! Now my problem is reopening the glue tube!!!

The perpeller really goes around,The door opens, and the keys rattle around, so I guess there are three moveable parts. It's held together with brads and wires so I also paper macheed the back to make it pretty from behind as well.

Inside my piece I have a small CDC card of a man with a moustach with his hand on a pedistal. T attacthed a love hand which is open towards the typerwriter gal! That's like Cindy as she works a lot of the time! Hope she likes her pilot lover? Or perhaps she is the pilot lover! I took a ticket too and chopped it up throughout the inside window. Notice the pair of matchbox tires from one of the many cars my 6 yr older destroys! There are laods of gears and even a metal airplane. You can also see two corner pieces one on the outside of the glass and one on the inside. When the door is closed they sort of corner off the CDC. When opened they make a nice decoration and a descent for the eye to travel up through the inner window.

On the inside of the glass door itself I adhered a neat piece of vellum clear with a design of circles and two letters well one letter one part letter. Just to add interest to the piece! Sure hope Cindy likes it!

This last piece an ATC I made because my friend Phyllis Terrell sent me some stamp boards. I had wanted to try my hand at this technique but was feeling a bit intimidated. Apparently Phyllis did too so she sent me her boards and since I already had the tools I figured I had to try it at least one time. It's pretty tricky stuff, though I just love everything Phyllis makes. She likes my stuff too for some reason so maybe she'll make another trade with me when she see this one. I hope!!!!! I titled it "Kissing Birds"

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