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Monday, August 23, 2010

Some collaged ATC's!

This first ATC is titled "Lady of The Lake", because she is ghostly. This is A Freda Kahlo collage bit and she is framed inside a nice metal charm frame. Underneath which I have sewn A piece OF a crumbling very old book binding, worn leather. Underneath that are bits of ephemera one book page piece has Lady written upon is and another says "wont rust", kind of a fun irony! The back ground tree I believe is an ArtChix microscope slide collage piece and the Frieda is from Collage Stuff !

This next piece is a fun one I titled "Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Kitty", I had an extra doll head from my ArtChix collage and a really neat Crackerjacks paper surprise I put her inside of giving it a 3 dimensional appearance I added some postage and a love ticket, some German scrap and a blue bird along with other ephemera. And that silly Hello kitty sticker. I thought it was a perfect touch because the doll face seems to be peeking through a face window hence Hello!

Below is an ATC that was inspired by an orange popped balloon that my son Daniel had drawn a face upon. I sewed and glued it down to the paper and then added orange things and old book pages. Some old uncancelled stamps an ArChix lion centerpiece and some orange German scrap from Lisa Bush's site. On top of the balloon mans eyes I placed some glass eye balls to make it pop and it's very coolio. How many atcs have you seen with popped balloon faces? The words from the book have Plato and Frankly written on them so I decided to call this piece Plato Speaks Frankly. HEHEHHE If Plato could see it do you think he might be insulted the balloon is him!

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