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Thursday, August 26, 2010

A spread I made for a dream book rr.

I chose to paint this particular image because I really do give flying lessons in my dreams. In my dreams I have been flying since I was five. First when I was young and began to dram about flying it was to get away from the scary monsters in my dreams. The lions or what have you would almost get my toes. However as time went on and I grew older in my wake life I was better able to control my dream world. So getting away from the scaries became easier and easier. I would soar higher and higher. I would visit places I have never even been like the diamond shores of Africa, I would soar quickly over sea and dale. It's an amazing experience to fly like this at night. Another challenge at first was where I got my power from~ I would have to flap like a bird, and sometimes my concentration wasn't strong enough and I would frightfully loose altitude. Skimming my feet along the ocean waves or practically being caught by witches on brooms. Not any more though I have become quite proficient in my dreams now. Flying high and at will where ever whenever I want. Becoming so good at this stunt which brings me immense joy and freedom at night so much so that some dream police or someone somewhere gave me the privilege to teach others how to fly too!!!
It's almost exactly like my painting. WE all go on top of a building and one by one I train others how not to be afraid. Where the power comes from is faith and not in body it's the freedom of the spirit that allows one to fly in her dreams. First when my hatching's take off they are fearful like I was. Always looking down trying to use my strength instead of their own. I teach them how to trust their faith look to God and let go, they begin to soar. It's a great time watching others gain this marvelous freedom. I love my night job!

The theme for this particular journal was dreams. I sure hope Cindy likes it. She said she did but then I added a few bobbles.

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