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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Something I made for my friend.

I started this piece when I was in Claudine Hellmuth"s class a year ago. I knew when I was putting it together as it evolved that this was meant for my friend Tristan.

I call it Bubble Gum Men and Lolly Pop Dreams!

I added some really neat retro adds about Singer Sewing Machines and some retro ladies as well. Then using another old magazine from WW2 I found some other very neat Men. I also added some men from ArtChix and other collage sales places.

One man imparticular is on the inside cover. He is circled in white because he was a Jewish man who pretended to be a Nazi so that he could escape alive. It worked and because he was such a good actor he was the only Jew at this particular place and time to survive a death camp. I added this because it was a neat picture and also because I personally love the Jewish people. I feel we should never forget how badly they were treated. So that history never need repeat.

Now my friend Tristan is a very well known quilter, which is another reason I thought he would love this piece. I too love to sew but compared to Tristan I am just a sewing Hack! I really admire his ability and creative tallent.

A funny thing is that Tristan recently repainted his studio which made it into a magazine in a similar color of green. Tristan I hope you like pink too, real men always like pink.

While I was working on this piece the pink naturally fell into place and made me think of one of my own favorite thing Bubble Gum! So I made the handsome man on the back blowing a giant bubble. Little known fact about me... when I was in Kindergarten I won a bubble gum blowing contest. What did I win, you ask???? Well a giant box of Bazooka Bubble Gum of coarse. Riding the little Kindergartner's bus home that day I blew a bubble bigger then my own face, and it popped all over my glasses. All the kids who were so jealous of me for winning the prized gum were laughing their heads off on the bus that day, whilst I hurriedly tried to peel the gum off of my glasses!

Something I must apologize for is Tristan like me has diabetes, and that's how I knew he too would like sugar so I stuffed the box full to go with my theme of Lolly Pops and Bubble gum! Tristan be sure to share so you don't eat it all and get sick.

Tristan and I have several things in common. We have both had similar surgeries, we both love sewing, and mixed media art, and we both love to sculpt. Though I haven't done too much of it lately.

During this dream box swap Tristan sent me the neatest Dia Del Morto piece of art that he made just for me. I love it, hope he loves my stuff too.

I don't buy a lot of art but once I did buy a Gypsy sculpture from Tristan and I gave it to my friend Caryl for her bday. She adores gypsies!

Tristan is special to me for many reasons, but one main reason is that he reminds me of my brother who passed away at age 28. My brother lived in Cal. when he died and he was into all kinds of musical instruments where Tristan does more theatre. They both have had long blond hair too. They both like doing nature things and studied Wiccan. Also they both are Christian.

Another thing about Tristan and my brother is they were both gay. I have struggled in my life to understand why someone might be or is gay because of my own Christian faith I have struggled. The things is it doesn''t matter at all to me because if Tristan is as much like my brother as I imagine he is then I would love and hug him if we ever meet.

I added funny men and handsome men and retro men to my box to show more of an exceptance for Tristan and my brothers choices. I played with it a bit and poked loving fun at it too. This is an honest piece. I think Tristan will completely understand it, and know it came right from the inside of my heart.

I asked Tristan to come up with some words that describe he and his friends and he did! So all the word or most of them came from his mind about his friends himself and people that he loves. I added Theatrical, and Tristan though that was funny. Coarse that was before he saw my piece sure hope he still likes it when he see what it was all about.

I had to add the brothers in arms because I was in the military and so were many gay people. This during a time when it wasn't allowed. I figured Tristan and my brother also felt the support and love when they are around people who think the same as them and maybe act as silly sometimes. Thus the man with the fish in his hands instead of a rifle.

Sometimes I take risks and I feel good about the things I make this is one of those times. I think my brother Drew would have loved my piece, and I hope Tristan does too!!! I have grown alot since my brother died 13 years ago. I have become more tollerant, more spiritual and real.

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