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Monday, September 13, 2010

Something I made for my Nieces wedding shower.

I got some nice flowers dried flowers today to place in the cone. Some great soothing smelling lavender, some white paper flower roses that I wire wrapped and placed in the bouquette with the brown and white other type of dried flowers. Her colors are blue so the lavender should mix well with that. Plus I just love lavender.

The initial picture Sarah sent to us.

Close up of the victorian lace cone I made.

This one shows more details

The handle and cone have vintage and antique buttons and lace and beads sewn into sheers. All the muslin and cheesecloth is dyed with walnut spray and then washed and heat set. I used a Tap image to make the picture digitally in sepia.

I will be adding dried flowers in blue her color of choice tomorrow then mailing it off as the shower is a bit far away to attend.

I got the idea and how to from the book I am reading and going along with in an online class. It's called The Latest trends in Mixed Media , Vol 11.
This particular item is a Victorian Lace cone. I used an image the couple sent to us on an informal invitation to make the picture and turned it into sepia and then followed the books directions. I love how it looks in person.

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