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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Here's a 6x8" quiltie I made for my friend Babs!

My friend Babs made me a beautiful glass bottle covered in pretty things like paper machine fibers a wonderful image and some charms. The top is so cool too with a cork and bobbles on top of that stick into the cork with a pretty pearlized stick pin. I LIKED IT SO MUCH WE ARE DOING A SWAP ON THE ARTCHIX SISTER SITE WITH THE SAME IDEAS.
Any ways in return for her bottle Babs requested a romantic type Victorian quiltie. So this is what she's getting. This was a Lost art Image of the month for the month of August I believe. Initially I was going to do a kissing couple but liked this much more. I used fabric from Joann's I thought was Victorian and romantic and bought some very pretty fibers to match. While I was at Walmart I was speaking with the sales lady and she showed me this fabric that you can pull apart and put laced ribbon through so I got some on sale. I have never done this before and it took some time but I threaded fibers that matched all through it tied it off at the ends and let the ends just stay as is but tied extra to that. I used some no fray on all the ribboon ends to be sure it should stay nice a long time for BABS!
I also used some Tap to transfer my image to some muslin. I painted some pretty daisies with pink centers to match one of my ribbons. I like the way they go together and bind this piece nicely. I also sewed these roses to the tops of them but they are not perfect. I figured out how to do It as I went along. The key is to sew from the outside to the inside and not visa versa. I sewed a pretty handle and on the back a picture of Jesus and his mom. With a little special memo! Hope Babs like this!

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